Yellow HibiscusKamaole Beach Club Timeshare owners Association and the Kamaole Surf Owners Association have adopted the following smoking policy in accordance with Hawaii State law. There shall be no smoking in any unit, on any lanai or on the grounds of KBC/Kamaole Surf. Smoking is only allowed at the front designated smoking bench and the 2 picnic tables in the parking lot. Anyone caught smoking anywhere other than in the designated smoking areas shall be fined $175 for each violation.

There is a $50 charge for lost keys and $20 for missing towels.

There is no daily or midweek maid service but if your stay extends past one week, maid service will be on Friday. Initial laundry, hand and bath soap, paper towels and trash liners are provided for your use. We ask that you replenish your own supply after these are depleted

Please run the dishwasher and washer/dryer during daylight hours.

Please remove shoes before entering unit. Brush off sand and dirt outside. Upon return from the beach, we recommend the shower at the pool be utilized to remove sand from your feet, swim suits, and toys. Shake out beach mats, towels and beach chairs. Sandy suits or towels in the bathtub or washer will clog the drains and Plumeriamay cause flooding of the unit.

If food waste is hard for you to chew, it will also be hard for the garbage disposal to eliminate. Pineapple, bones or other objects of that sort could cause the disposal to jam.

As the bar at the sofa bed end is not made to support too much weight and may bend, please do not sit at the foot when it is open.

Leaving your windows open to enjoy the wonderful trade winds is highly recommended. We only ask that you please leave the drapes opened at the same time to keep them from being soiled from dust blowing on the screens.

As we are in the tropics, we are constantly fighting pests from the fields, rainforests and jungles of our beautiful island. Although the grounds are professionally treated on a regular basis, pests may still arrive in your rental cars, grocery bags, luggage and purses, etc. You can help us make them unwelcome by keeping all food refrigerated or wrapped securely, and by keeping the dishes washed and counters clean.

OrchidWaste bins are situated at both ends of the parking lot so please do not dump trash from your unit in pool area trashcans.

Hawaii believes in the value of recycling so please save your cans and bottles and place in recycling cans located next to the dumpsters.

Please do not hesitate to inform the resident manager if you find anything in your unit in need of care, repair or replacement.

Even on such a beautiful island as Maui, we have a small criminal element. Please remember, before you go out on the town, or especially at bedtime to lock all windows and doors, including sliding glass doors for your safety and protection.